hi guys

idk if many of you guys want me to start editing again because i’m thinking about it! 

but basically i’m going to college in the fall so idk how much time i’ll have for all of this and stuff with graduation coming up (wow idk if that made sense haha)

Anonymous: "please talk about the character of bella in the dead as it gets? full name of the character, what she does ..."

So basically the As Dead As It Gets trailer is a book trailer. So the trailer is advertising a book, not a film so all that’s on youtube is all there will be for As Dead As It Gets. I believe Bella just plays the main character from the book but I can’t seem to find much info on the book online! 

(Idk if they’re making a movie but this is as far as I’m concerned). Sorry to not be of much help!

Anonymous: "hey are you looking for co-owners?"

unfortunately, i’m not :/ I know that I haven’t posted in forever because I just haven’t had the time but I’d rather my blog still be run by just me. I’m sorry :(

Anonymous: "öhjlkkhlkgşlhnköşgkghgh"

what hahaha

hi guys..i’m really sorry for not being so active across all my blogs but i’ve been really busy because of school! i check my messages every day so if you want to request stuff you still can and i’ll get to it asap :)

exams have got me tied down so i’m sorry for being MIA recently!! still go another few days :P